Neelu Berry, 56, is alleged to have published witness statements relating to child abuse claims levelled at a paedophile cult she claimed operated from Christ Church.

The claims were originally made by two young children, now in foster care, in a campaign derided as “evil” and “baseless” by a High Court Judge earlier this year.

Ella Draper, mother to the two children, and her partner Abraham Christie, tortured the pair into making the false allegations – which resulted in innocent people being named in online videos seen by millions.

Berry, who was not required to attend a Blackfriars Crown Court hearing on Friday, could see a single charge of perverting the course of justice amended to three of witness intimidation.

Steven Attridge, prosecuting, said: “This defendant, and others, have been troubling the parish priest and also the governors of the church school next door to that church with a number of other parishioners as well.”

Berry was due to stand trial last month at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, charged under the rarely-used Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860 with participating in riotous, violent or indecent behaviour.

She is said to have attended a protest at Christ Church on March 22, where she allegedly harassed the vicar by asking inappropriate questions about the abuse and causing him distress.

The case was thrown out when a number of witnesses failed to show up and the prosecution was left with no evidence.

It is claimed witnesses were intimidated after their statements were published online – sparking these new charges.

Berry, of Peel Drive, Clayhall, Ilford, was bailed to attend Blackfriars Crown Court for a plea and case management hearing on January 8.

SOURCE: http://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/crime-court/hampstead_satanic_child_abuse_activist_facing_witness_intimidation_charges_1_4330381

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  1. Widely misreported as being dismissed by a High Court Judge, the Hampstead case never actually made it anywhere near any High Court. In fact it was never investigated by the Police at all, meaning that Social Services treated the disclosures as ‘unsubstantiated’, and with no evidence for their own claims then blamed the children’s mother and partner. This is when Social Services took the case to a Family Law Court, where the disclosures were dismissed by a civilian taking a day off from their real job to play the role of Magistrate. It is a very big difference.

    The same process is in place whenever Police fail to investigate any abuse claims.. they become treated by Social Service as ‘unsubstantiated’ and the wheels of the system turn on that basis. It is a genuine failing of the system that means the courts order children into abusive situations, removing them from whichever parent the child trusted and disclosed to. It is not even unique to the Hampstead Case, which goes way beyond anything most civilians could imagine. It is not even something that has to be ‘put into place’ to cover up elite crimes.. it is just what happens regularly in the Family Law Courts anyway.


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