Teal Swan’s story of Satanic Ritual abuse


Teal Swan says her life consisted of abuse, both physically and sexual and murder.

“He would be driving and suddenly he’d be like 20…19…18…17. He’d pull over to the side of the road and that was my cue to get out of the car and run. I was suppose to evade him for a certain period of time. Like two-three hours. I would be trying to run away and he would track me. If he caught me, I would get punished. Like my rib cage is covered in these scars because he would count. Back then I would get really proud of myself when I would get away from him instead of realizing I was being chased by someone who killed children,” Teal told On Your Side reporter Chris Oswalt.

Swan says she witnessed the person who took her into the cult kill five children. She knew what she was witnessing was not right, but she feared escaping.

“One of the first programs that was done on me, was he had me breathing and go through and elaborate visualization of my home having just told. ‘Hey you just told people about me. You just told who you really are. So what do you see hanging from the rafters? I shrug my shoulders. He said ‘Do you see that is your mother? Do you see that her blood is all over the floor?”

What Teal shared with Oswalt is the focus of dozens of investigations around the country. Lt. Larry Jones, a former Boise Police officer, was instrumental in a Department of Justice report on cult rituals. The report admits these crimes are hard to prove, but says it is imperative the cases be solved. In most documented cases of ritual abuse, the FBI says it is often a close friend or family who commits the crime.

Teal told Oswalt that she truly believes what she shared happened to her.

“Do you have doubt that this is maybe some sort of nightmare you had and you just relive it or do you ever doubt this happened to you?” Oswalt asked Swan. She replied, “No”.

Teal says she was taken in at age six. She escaped during a ritual in Eastern Idaho when she was 19. She left the state and found refuge with her friend in Utah. Teal says things started to turn around from there, but it took time.

“It is because you have been traumatized and you have no option. It is too difficult to talk to someone who has been in a space of freedom. You can’t explain to them what it is like to be in a situation where you would do anything you were told to do because you don’t have another option,” she told Oswalt.

Teal now lives in Utah and refuses to step foot back in Idaho. She spends much of her time providing assistance to those who claim to have been a part of cult. You can view more of her story and her speaking engagements here: http://tealswan.com/.

SOURCE: http://www.jrn.com/kivitv/news/Teal-Swans-story-of-Satanic-Ritual-abuse-PART-ONE-281032042.html


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